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My situation is a bit unique.

So, I've been here already for a year on an Au Pair visa. I recently went to the Ausländerbehörde to get a visa for starting a Praktikum because I recieved an offer for an unpaid Praktikum in a hospital. The reason why I wanted to a Praktikum in this Area is because I would like to start an Ausbildung as a Krankenschwester. A praktikum is usually a requirement and gives a person an advantage when applying for an Ausbildung. Since it is for an unpaid Internship the Ausländerbehörde told me that I cant apply for this visa and they then told me since im an USA citizen I can have a tourist visa and do the unpaid intership this way. The case worker also told me that after my three months I could try again for the Praktikum visa, that is paid, or I could do the language learning visa. I told her I thought it wasnt allowed to work after a language learning visum. I want to do a Beruf Ausbildung, which is paid, and therefore this is work. She said that it is allowed.

Most Krakenschwester-Pflege Ausbildungs dont start till October therefore I need the Language learning visa for several months in order to stay here. I have read some information on the internet that stated that one cant convert a language learning visa to a student visa or a work visa and one has to go home first. Im really confused and worried that getting my ausbildung visa would be a problem then. Does anyone have insight on this?
asked Mar 17 in Work by annared24

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