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asked Dec 6, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Brad loui
Good afternoon he requested his important knowledge,

My husband and I are in the process of asylum, my husband already has the interview recently given to me I was told that for a while I had to move on to another date for my interview

I am 6 months pregnant I would like to know if I apply for help as a pregnant woman before the baby is born if this is the case where and how I should apply for help.

How should I prepare for my baby?

Thank you very much for your response

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Hello dear Mrs. @Brad loui

thanks for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community. 

First of all, you should inform the Social Affairs Office (Sozialamt) about your pregnancy, if you still has'nt done it. You can inform them by sending a copy of your current residence permission paper (Aufenthaltsgestattung) and a copy of your Mutterpass (the record book about your pregnancy) to your contact person (the person from whom you receive your monthly social benefits) in Social Affairs Office. After that, you should receive from them after the 12th week of your pregnancy about 75 Euro per month for your additional requirments of pregnancy (Mehrbedarf). 

In addition, you can apply for initual equipments for your pregnancy and the baby (Erstausstattung für Schwangerschaft and Baby). The application for this should be sent to the  Bundesstiftung Mutter und Kind. From them you can receive one time a maximum of about 1200 Euro and this should be applied before the birth of your child. 

There are some more benefits, which you may receive, such as your right to have a midwife (Hebamme) and so on. 

The best way for you is to go to one of the pregnancy advice centers (Schwangerschaftsberatungsstelle) such as to Pro FamiliaAWO or Caritas. They will give you information about all this and some more and also apply these benefits for you. You should search in Google for one of the Schwangerschaftsberatungsstelle in the area you live and make an appointment with them as soon as possible. 

I hope my answer was useful for you and I'll be very pleased if you contact me again with further questions. I'm a member of the MBEON-staff and I‘ll be glad to guide you over a longer period of time. Mbeon is an online consultancy for migrants via the mbeon-app, which you can install on your smartphone for free. Download it via App Store or Google Play Store. You'll find me In the mbeon-app under my name „München, Herr Noori“ and get confidential one-to-one advice in a safe virtual room where nobody can wiretap messages. Further information: 

Kind Regards

Fardeen Noori

answered Dec 8, 2020 by mbeon-fardeen
edited Dec 8, 2020 by mbeon-fardeen
Good afternoon, Fardeen Noori

First thank you very much for your valuable information.

Inform you that documents such as: Mutter pass until ultrasound are emailed from my third month of pregnancy to the person in charge of financial aid exactly.

I have been pregnant for 6 months to date and received no connomic pregnancy assistance from the social person in charge of the financial.

What should I do, should I write applying for benefits?

Are we currently located in a shared apartment in Ludwigshafen who should be used to apply for help and how should I?

Again many for their information
Good afternoon Ms. Brad loui,
you should ask the person in charge of the financial aid, why they have'nt given you the Mehrbedarf yet, which you must have received even from the 13th week of your pregnancy.

Here is the list of pregnancy advice centers  (Schwangerschaftsberatungsstellen) in Ludwigshafen , where you can make an appointment and go to them and they will do everything for you.
Click on the link above and make an appointment with one of the offices close to your home and they will do the rest for you. They can also help you about the money, which you must have received from the 13th month of your pregnancy.

Best wishes!
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