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Hello all there am. An asylum seeker  I. The Netherlands  and I found out that when my girlfriend came to visit me she got pregnant so I want to take care of her and the unborn baby and the IND has ma passport what should do. I wanted to cancel the asylum but am not sure please what should I do now
asked Mar 21, 2019 in Legal advice by Mat

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Thank you Denny28 yes my girlfriend she is a citizen born and raised in Germany she's white.. I have been with her for 2 years
answered Mar 27, 2019 by Mat
reshown Apr 2, 2019 by Mat
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Hello Mat@ ,  before I can answer your question, I wish to know if your girlfriend is a German citizen or European citizen or  is she also an asylum seeker in Germany? Get back to me with this answers or details. Thanks
answered Mar 24, 2019 by Denny28
Yes she is a citizen of Germany and she's white  I just don't know what to do now cos I want to be with her and she wants me to be with her I have been in this asylum for not so long sh what should I do
Hallo , i have also same situation as you. My girlfriend is pregnant who is a danish citizen and I am an asylum seeker in Germany waiting for my asylum procedure to be process. What are the legal necessities for me to be with my girlfriend and child when she is born ?
Hello Mat@ sorry for keeping you long.  You can only get resident permit when your girlfriend present you before Germany authorities (Standamt) that you're the father of the child or after the birth of your child, you can used legal way to get right to your child, so right now, all depends on your girlfriend. There's what we call vaterschaft which will show that you're the father of the child or the unborn child or your girlfriend can present you and ask them she wish to stay with you and have 50/50 right of taking care of the child and everything will be ok.  Thanks
Hello Denny28 thnk u so much for that help and what will I do couse I gave ma passport to the Netherlands police. So what do you think will be the way to go be with my girlfriend. Couse my asylum cuse is still going on here in netherlands.
Thank you so much.
Hello Mat@ as I told you before, your girlfriend is the one to make things happen for you because after reporting to the Germany authorities, I think she has to give out your full name and everything details in written or if you have a copy of your passport, she can used it to get some papers work done in Germany, but firstly she has to demand she wants to be with the father of her baby for both to take care of the child and I think through some paper work from your girlfriend side , the Netherland police will or can release your passport for you to reunite with your new family in Germany.
Thnx alot Denny28 alot I appreciate that alot..
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