How many years after having completed the ausbildung ,will I get the residence permit? How many years do I have to work after having completed the ausbildung, in order to get the residence permit? Is it possible to travel within European Union and outside Germany with the residence permit?
asked Nov 22, 2020 in Legal advice by Sidra | 900 views

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Hello dear @Sidra,

thanks for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community.

You have'nt mentioned if you are in Asylum process and doing an apprenticeship (Ausbildung) or you have an Ausbildungsduldung, which means you have got a Duldung based on your Ausbildung after the rejection of your Asylum Application.

I assume you have an Ausbildungsduldung. In case you have an Ausbildungsduldung, which may last two or three years, after the end of this Ausbildung if you find a work in the same field, you will receive a residence permit based on paragraph 19d of the Residence Law for two years. With this 2 years of residence permit you are allowed to travel to the European Union countries, if you meet the entry requirements of that country, to which you want to travel, and you will be allowed to stay there up to 3 months.

After the 2 years of work in the field, in which you have done your Ausbildung, you will be free to work in other fields.

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Fardeen Noori

answered Nov 23, 2020 by mbeon-fardeen
Hello! I am still in the asylum process and I have the status of Aufenthaltgestattung! I have already started my generalistische nursing ausbildung and it will finish in the year of 2023. I am already doing my ausbildung at the same place, where I got my work. I successfully completed my B1 Integration course with a note of "gut erfüllt" and leben in deutschland test with 33 marks out of 33. I am paying my rent for the flat that I am sharing with another woman. Next to next year I will be taking my b2 exam.
Thank you for your kind reply! Everything is clear to me now! You guys are really helpful and genuine! Hats off to you
so in this case this regulation does not apply to you until the Migration Office/Court decides about your case. If you receive a positive decision from the Migration Office/Court about your asylum you will anyways be permitted to work in Germany and travel abroad but if you get a rejection from the Migration Office/Court and get a Duldung from the Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde), then you can use this option (Ausbildungsduldung).
You are always welcome!
With this ausbildungsduldung will I be able to work or get a residence permit? or wont I be able to move freely except in the area that I am in? Or travel is restricted if I get an ausbildung duldung?
Currently you have an Aufenthaltsgestattung and your Ausbildung does not have any effect on your Aufenthaltsgestattung.
However, if you get a rejection from BAMF/Court you should try to apply for an Ausbildungsduldung as soon as possible.
Duldung means temporary suspension of deportation.
Having an Ausbildungsduldung means that the Foreigners Office will temporarily suspend your deportation to your homeland because of your Ausbildung, although you have got a rejection from BAMF/Court. So, the main cause of issuing this type of Duldung for you is your Ausbildung.
With this Ausbildungsduldung you are only allowed to travel inside Germany. While your are doing your Ausbildung you are usually living in that city anyways. So, you usually do not need to go and live in other cities. Nevertheless, if you are living in one city and your Ausbildung is in another city, you can apply for the permission in the Foreigners Office they might allow you to move.
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