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My daughter is having a paragraph 33 residence permit in Germany, I canceled my asylum so that I can get the residence permit through my daughter! I canceled my asylum in early July and I fill the form for a residence permit in June 22, this month makes it almost 4months I filled the form but I didn’t hear anything from the auslanderamt in Landrasamt. I called and I was told they are waiting for a letter from Karlsruhe before they can start working on issuing me a residence permit. Please how long will take Karlsruhe to send the letter to auslander?
asked Nov 12 in Asylum proceedings by Michelle04

Dear @Michelle04

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

I am sorry to hear that you need to wait for such a long time for a response from the immigration office. It is hardly possible to make any predictions about the duration of procedures - also because every immigration office works differently. I also could not understand which paper they were referring to. Which authority you mean in Karlsruhe? Is it the court - I remember that your lawyer was appealing against the negative asylum decision, right? If you also didn't understand on the phone talking to the immigration office, you might want to write an email in order to get a written response. Did you talk to your lawyer about it? 

Looking forward to hear from you again. 

All the best, 


Thanks for your reply! Yes I was told they are waiting for a letter from Karlsruhe administrative court.Yes speak with my lawyer too and she said they have to wait to get a letter from Karlsruhe administrative court.But o don’t know what exactly is the letter
Dear @Michelle04, Thank you for your explanation. I assume that the immigration office is waiting for a paper from court which proves the final closing of your asylum case. Only if the case is closed legally binding, they can issue a residence permit. I think for the time being there is no other option than being patient. Don't worry too much, especially since your lawyer will also keep an eye on this. All the best, Meike

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