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Hi I have successfully completed Ausbuildung  as Fachlagerist and I have a permanent work contract with the same company . Recently my asylum got rejected from court . I have received the letter to come to Ausländerbehörde next month for the Duldung with my family and it stated that I should bring with

*last 3 months Lohnabrechnung


* Verdientsbescheinigung from the company

My lawyer said he already applied for resident permit and is this to verify my living status with the family for the resident permit

Could anyone please explain to me is this a positive sign leading to a resident permit.

Note: I have completed my Ausbuildung with Aufenthaltgesttatung

Best regards

asked Oct 19, 2020 in Education by Mohamed14

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Dear @Mohamed14

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

First of all, congratulations for successfully completing your Ausbildung! This is already a great achievement. Making any predictions about immigration office decisions is always difficult - especially without knowing all the details of the case. However, if you are able to provide everything the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) is asking for, you shouldn’t also worry too much from my perspective. 

I assume that your lawyer on the other hand also wouldn’t apply for a residence permit if he/she wouldn’t expect a positive result. 

I will also link two of our experts here. Dear @mbeon-fardeen or @manrhei-mbeon, would you agree or is there anything you might want to add? 

Fingers crossed for the process and all the best, Meike

answered Oct 30, 2020 by Meike
Dear @Meike Thank you for your reply and my question is is it usual that the immigration office ask for such documents when inviting for the Duldung. Are they want to process for the other visa category as I have completed my Ausbildung? Please note it mentioned they need passports only if available and I have already given my Birth certificate of all family members , and marriage certificate. Is it negative thing that I receive a Duldung ? In During these time will take action to deport even though I have completed vocational Training and now with permanent work contract? Will they see as not plus point that I have completed the Ausbuildung with Aufenthaltgestattung ? Best regards Mohamed
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