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Good evening Please I have 3years permit of stay in Germany and my kids and now i am about to renew it they now ask me to repeal
asked Oct 15, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Deborah88

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Hello dear @Deborah88,

thank you very much for sharing your question with us. 

I am sorry for what they want you to do. I think by repeal you mean  (in German Widerrufsverfahren), that you have received a letter from German Migration Office to review your case. If it is the case, it doesn't mean that they directly take your residence permit from you but it is a review of your case and after this review the decision may be positive or negative. 

The law requires the German Migration Office to review the cases of the migrants and in case the persecution situation of the migrant has changed or there are other reasons for not qualifying for the residence permit e.g. risk to the security of Germany, war crime, etc., they will revoke the recognition of the entitelment to asylum and the award of refugee status of the migrant. If the Migration Office can not prove anything about the migrant, then she/he will be allowed to have her/his residence permit and continue to live in Germany.  

For further information about it in English you can click on the following link:;jsessionid=DF09578BC73E92C345149C8483C743FE.internet562 

Anyways, if you have a lawyer contact her/him and inform her/him about it. You can, offcourse, also contact me in MBEON as follows:  

I hope my answer was useful for you and I'll be very pleased if you contact me again with further questions. I'm a member of the MBEON-staff  and I‘ll be glad to guide you over a longer period of time. Mbeon is an online consultancy for migrants via  the mbeon-app, which you can install on your smartphone for free. Download it via App Store or Google Play Store. You'll find me In the mbeon-app under my name „München, Herr Noori“ and get confidential one-to-one advice in a safe virtual room where nobody can wiretap messages. Further information:

With kind regards, 

Fardeen Noori

answered Oct 22, 2020 by mbeon-fardeen
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