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Hello Wefugees,
I am from Sri Lanka and I applied for asylum in 2013 in Germany. After almost 4 years later in 2017,  my case was taken up by BAMF and it  got rejected, Same has been appealed and Administrative Courts too have rejected it last week and my lawyer suggested to appeal in the High Administrative Courts in 1 month's time which I am going to do. I am employed (full time) since 2014 and obtained B1 and Einburgerung test certificates also. I have no criminal records whatsoever. my questions are,
1)I want to get married with the German passport holder but I do not have divorce certificate from my ex-wife with whom I got separated more than 7 years  ago. Is there any possibility that I could get the divorce certificate from here.
2)If need be ,I could organise a letter from my employer stating that his company needs my services in future as well. Is there any possibilities that I may get extention of residency In such a situation.
3)In order to apply for Beschäftigung duldung, I do posses all requirements other than 12 months duldung requirement. What are the chances available for me under this law.
Thanks for your attention and your early.
Best regards,

asked Oct 11, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by SK

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