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I am having residence Permit 28.1.3 since my child is a German national.
I applied for naturalization after 3 years and was told to apply after six years since I have German B2 certificate.

If am holding residence permit 28.1.3 can't I naturalize after 3 years since I have a German child?
Anybody who naturalised after 3 years?
asked Oct 10 in Legal advice by Pan 123

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Hello Pan123,

for the naturalisation you need the following requirements:

You have been living in Germany legally for at least eight years. When you have German language level certificate B 1 , then you need seven years.

As the father of a German child, there is no shorter waiting time.
If you are married to a German, the waiting time can be reduced (three years).

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answered Oct 13 by manrhei-mbeon
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