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Hello, I work in Poland and have a Polish residence card, I applied for more than 2,5 months for a Visa typ D to work Germany, and since then I have been waiting for an answer, the embassy informs that they have no influnce on the procedure, and they sent my case to other authorities, and contacting the Auslaenderbehorde they tell me that the embassy in the only one who is envolved in my case, could you tell me if that's is normal to take too long time? I applied for a job in Hamburg
asked Oct 9, 2020 in Work by Mohd
Dear @Mohd, Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I can not share any experience regarding working visa waiting periods. But I know that visa procedures in general can take indeed a long time and several months for sure. I will link two of our experts here: Dear @mbeon-Christine or @manrhei-mbeon, can you give any advice/information? All the best, Meike

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