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I have an urgent question. I am a master degree student at FU Berlin.

This wintersemester will be my 7th-fach semester at my departmant. And my student Visa-aufenthaltstitel expires on 17th of January-2021.

I still have forschungspraktikum and masterarbeit to complete my program so I have to extend my Residence permit .

Based on my varying inquiries, I have learnt that the Student visa  can be extended maximum 3 semesters (Additional to the 4 semesters ,so 7 semesters in total for the master studies-taught for 2 years)I have been asking this rule to my prügungsbüro and they say that, in FU there is no regulation which states that you have to complete your studies within the restricted time, so you can study as long as you wish.Since I have dozens of health and family matters, I was not able to finish my study on time so I need to extend my Visa from January 2021 to August 2021

I have two questions:

1) I am expecting to complete my study at the end of my 8th semester, so is it possible to extend the student Visa more than 7 semesters(4 + 3)?

2) And if my extension is refused will I be deported immediately? If this is the case,is that deportation applied alongside the temporary or permanent entry ban and have a negative impact for my future visit plans to Germany?

I really enjoy my study so even if I lost my chance to pursue my master degree in Germany, I will be probably planning to get back for the PhD, Post-doc or other short-duration programs such as summer schools.

I can not stand staying under the pressure of deportation ,so I am considering to quit my study but since I put so much effort untill now and have just two papers and dissertation to graduate, I will probably feel very depressed when I do that. So I need someone’s help about my questions above and would be verry happy to get a reply.


asked Sep 17, 2020 in Education by Belkis

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Hi there.

1.) Apparently, you can prolong your visa/studies "im angemessenen Rahmen/within reasonable limits". And 3 semesters are usually seen as such a reasonable period. However, if you can explain why you need to study longer, then it is possible to prolong your visa beyond these 3 terms. If I get it right, it might be sensible to focus on "academic" reasons to prolong you stay, and not so much on personal reasons. You should contact the immigration office, but have your arguments prepared!

2.) Sorry, I don't have any informations for you there :-(
answered Sep 18, 2020 by elisabeth_e
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