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i reached germany through student visa, after conducting the interview at the german embassy where i was, i had many troubles with the authorities i was afraid because they threatened me with deportation to syria only so i paid around half of my savings that i had dedicated to my studies to get out of the country, heading to germany using the german visa that i got and legally out.

basically i paid for an officer at the airport to get my name out of the system for few hours.

and now i want to apply for asylum

will that be a problem for me?

and what happens to the blocked account (10200 euros) that i issued upon my interview at the embassy?
asked Sep 12 in Asylum proceedings by Rio
can someone answer me please?

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Dear @Rio,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

A similar question was discussed in this thread before - please check the information provided here as well.

However, your situation sounds quite unusual and complicated to me. I could't understand why exactly you faced troubles with the authorities etc. But now you are in Germany on a student visa which was issued by the German embassy in your country of origin, right?

I really don't know what will happen with your money on the blocked account when you apply for asylum. Maybe you will be asked to cover your current costs of living with that amount? I will link two of our experts here as well - maybe @manrhei-mbeon or @mbeon-fardeen can add more information or give any advice.

All the best,


answered Sep 18 by Meike
i said somethings about corruption in the country and an informant wrote a detailed report to the authorities about it.
so thankful for your advice, hopefully i can manage my costs with this account. someone here told me that authorities here might take the money away from you but they will manage your costs which is two similar things. problem is im afraid they will think that i lied in my purpose of travel which i didn't at all. i was well off financially and i had savings to make me do my studies and (1 year) and live one more year without a need to do any job. the thing i did is very normal but in the country where i used to live it is a very big deal i lived there for 20 years and i always took care of not saying anything. but i thought that person was a friend of mine but that didnt stop him from reporting what i said.
can i apply asylum anywhere in germany or it should be on the same city im in (berlin)?

Dear @Rio

Thank you for your reply and your explanations. So you reported this incident already? Your story is still very puzzling to me. 

However, I will link our dear @mbeon-Christine here now as she is also very knowledgeable on education topics. Maybe she can share experiences as well. 

On your last question: In general, you can apply in any city for asylum. However, that doesn't mean that you can stay in that region and not getting transferred somewhere else. In Germany there is the so-called "EASY-system" which calculates asylum applications and distributes applicants in the country accordingly (more or less randomly). It might be different if you are studying, as you will have a profound reason to stay in the same city. 

All the best, 


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