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I had a dispute with Inkasso firm 1 year ago, the court ordered me to pay around 215 EUR as a settlement for the dispute.

I'm currently on Sozialamt (Asylblg) and I don't have have a bank account, currently, I have a tolerance (Duldung) and it's really hard to do any financial transaction, for this reason, I have asked my Social employee to cover the amount (215 EUR) directly, so I can fulfill the court order and I will pay back in installments from my social aid cash (on a monthly bases ).

my social employee refused my request without ant reason and she refused to help in any way, though I do not have any other income.

So my question is, which material (specific article ) of German law should I use in my argument? I did  read on several websites that sozialamt should aid in this type of situations ,but , i couldn't find the specific article in that regard.

your advice is appreciated .
asked Aug 31, 2020 in Legal advice by Shareef

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Hi @Shareef,

thank you for sharing your question with us.

I am not an expert on this topic, but as far as I found out, the Sozialamt does not have to take over your debts in any case. They can do it if this would prevent a distress (like loosing your appartment for example). I recommend you open a new bank account and make an installment plan with the Inkasso office. If you need help with this, you could contact a debt counseler.

Kind regards


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answered Sep 3, 2020 by mbeon-Ruth
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