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I arrived to Germany on 2018 with my family( me, my wife and 4 children), after asylum application we got Dublin letter that we all had visa from Lithuania. My lawyer filed an urgent complain, and for 2 and half years we did not hear back from the court.
My lawyer is hardly reachable over the phone or in office.

On February our lawyer advised us to take back the complain from court as my wife was pregnant.

The child was born on 2. July 2020, but the court only removed our complain on 03.Aug.2020, which is really late. And yesterday we got 1 month Duldung.

Now the following questions.
1- can we complain back to the court saying it is late or our lawyer does not properly described the situation to us, and we want our complain to be in place as before.
2- if we are deported. What about the new child whois bon on02 July 2020?
Which type of documents will the child get(Duldung or normal Ausweis)? Can Germany deport the child with us immediately or it takes time to process the child case and deprt us later all together?
3- My elder son did ESA and is now admitted to an Ausbildung school, he is doing 2 years beruf qualifikation, but yet he has not found any company to start practical work. The time he admitted to this school we had 6 months normal Ausweis, but mow Auslanderbehörde said he can not do Ausbildung hence he complain to the court.
asked Aug 20, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Zilgai

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