Please i need your advise.My wife and 2 daughters came to Deutschland 6 months before me but I am here now and we all live together as family. I got married to my wife in my Country and we have all legal documents as couple. We are both been rejected by BAMF but i still have my own case with the court but my wife and daughters case is finished with court.Now my wife got an Ausbildungsduldung because she got an Ausbildung as a NURSE.She presented her Passport before she can get the AUSBILDUNGSDULDUNG so I will like to know our chances of staying in Deutschland and will i also get what my wife gets(AUSBILDUNGSDULDUNG) as a couple if the court reject my appeal?Do we have a better chance as a couple or my wife has a better chance because of her Ausbildung?We don't have a Dublin case.Please advise.
asked Jul 25, 2020 in Legal advice by Allibababb1 | 417 views

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Dear @Allibababb1

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for sharing your question. 

I learned that the immigration offices in the different regions and federal states in Germany have different policies regarding the family members of people with an “Ausbildungsduldung”. Sometimes they issue a Duldung for them, but it could also happen that they ask them to leave the country, as they claim making a Ausbildung is a voluntary decision of the individual person. I assume that making a Ausbildung yourself and getting an independent status would be the safest and best way. However, the Ausbildung (TVET training) is also a quite challenging task which requires a lot of energy, studying in school etc. 

I would highly recommend you to discuss your situation and personal conditions with a migration counselor, for instance. 

I will also link two of our experts here. Dear @mbeon-Christine or @mbeon-Ruth, am I right on this or is there anything you may want to add? 

All the best, 


answered Jul 31, 2020 by Meike
Thank you so much for your reply @Meike..Yes my daughters already have their duldung and Auslanderbehorde promised my wife and my daughters residence permit after her Ausbildung.I am still using my 6 months Ausweis because I came 6 months after they are here..My case is still in court..My lawyer says I have a good chance with my wife even if I don't win my court case.What do you think?Thank you so much for your reply and advice
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