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To prevent misunderstandings: Marriage in Denmark is absolutely legal and even meanwhile controlled by Danish family authority.

We face problems with German embassy in India bcz they don’t support the idea of getting married in Denmark although it’s not their right to decide that.

I can understand many ppl who avoid telling the purpose of their stay bcz we are totally honest and only want to be provided the right visa application to our specific purpose and face indirect denial.

We want spend time together in Germany and holiday and after that inside the 90 days getting married in Denmark.

The German embassy knows about our purpose but deny to give us information about the correct visa for our purpose. They fear of we have the correct visa that then my future husband is allowed to obtain residence permit in Germany.

What can we do? Who will really support us?

I repeat, Denmark marriage is nothing illegal!

But of course we can’t get married in Denmark if German embassy don’t give us the needed visa!
asked Jul 20 in Legal advice by Love2020
You don't need any specific visa to get married in Denmark.
Just apply for a normal visit visa but for the purpose of tourism only.
Once approved you can arrange marriage in Denmark and enjoy honey moon in Germany

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