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Dears’ wefugees,

I'm khaled tesbahji from Syria have a Lebanese nationality.

Unfortunately nobody is ignorant of the situation here in Syria also in Lebanon (The least that can be said is that we are in the midst of a civil war) specially if you have two cases of cerebral palsy in one family... The first is female and is 35 years old and the second is male about 25 years old.

The both of them hasn't been ever treating under any circumstances (all efforts were limited to personal efforts made within the family and in a very simple and primitive way)

These two cases are my older sister and younger brother... All over 35 years we had been trying to guarantee them the best livelihood. But as a family living in Syria the best you can do is still a life.

We don't ask for any donation or any money, we just ask for help to clear the process for transition and living stability in any country which provides the suitable treatment for the above cases according to the regular rules, also - if that possible - support us in achieving that moving smoothly.

actually what we are seeking for is organizations or Entities could support us to move in new country which offer more stable live and more appropriate live to provide treatment for the pre-mentioned cases in order to preserve their lives and a guarantee to provide a decent and suitable life for them

Remark: Any required verification documents or proofs can be provided upon request

Remark: we have two persons - at least - who are able to work in the family... a male has an IT and business administration degree + marketing and project management experience and female has an IT degree and teaching experience

Best regards
asked Jun 30, 2020 in Healthcare by enmkt

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