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I’m from Pakistan, my asylum application was refused in august 2018 so i left Germany without appealing and my mistake I didn’t inform authorities. Later i got Spanish resident permit and now I’m living in Spain but I’m banned by Germany in SIS II. For how long no idea so my question is how is it possible removal/reduction of the ban?

asked Jun 20, 2020 in Legal advice by SaadTitanic

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Hmm...great question.

Spain is a member of the Schengen agreement, therefore, free movement. If you already have a Resident Permit in Spain... what are your reasons for wanting to enter Germany?

I would get a lawyer and figure out why you would still be banned, even with a Resident Permit in a member state.  

How did you leave Germany (Voluntarily) without Immigration knowing about your departure?
answered Jun 25, 2020 by Jewishboy92
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