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thank you all here for your help and advice.
I have kids a British citizen she been living and working here in Germany since 2 years.nd my kids are hold a British passport as well and I have the vatershaft and the custody. I just got a negative result from the bamf a month ago about my asylum.. and my lawyer told me we should not appeal against it that I should go to ausländerbehorde and give them my aufenthaltsgestattung to get a duldung so he can try to apply for me a resident permit as a father of 2British kids . I summited my aufenthaltsgestattung also last month and up to 3weeks I didn't hear of get later from ausländerbehorde.. then yesterday I got a later from my lawyer which started that (aufenthaltskarte gem.§5abs. 1 freizügG ) and also it says the final processing and issuing of residence card and that my girlfriend have to give or send them a confirmation that prove I was giving her money for my kids.. now I don't know how we can do it because I live with my girlfriend and we don't do bank transfers because we are together.  but all the time I take my kids to school because she works so early but I work also but not so early as her.. so we need an advice what she can write or show to prove that I give a money for my kids also by hand and is positive that they are about to give me the residence card?
asked Jun 6 in Legal advice by Yaba

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Dear Yaba@,

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I believe this shouldn't be a problem as far as both of you living together taking care of the children together, you can meet your lawyer with your girlfriend for him to write them , which your girlfriend will need to sign to show that you take your responsibilities as a father.  I hope I have answered your question  . I wish you good luck
answered Jun 8 by Denny28
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