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I want to first thank the Wefugees for all d advice rendered to me.My stress is still not over. I am now living with my family and went to renew my asylpaper and was inform that my document since October of my transfer have not yet arrived my new city. I was also informed that my asylum was now over. They could not give me a new document because of my file not been seen. Today I got another letter asking me to bring my passport to be deported. Please I like to know (1)Es Ausländerbehörde in my family city lying about not seeing my file till now(2)How long time do I have to be deported from my family so I can move back on my own to italy(3)So one can be deported despite having kids here n doing all necessary documentation including DNA that I was asked to prove am d father of my first son?my kids n woman have Germany resident and just came back from visit to Africa. Thanks in anticipation
asked May 7 in Asylum proceedings by Christopher7777
1.Dont give your passport and you Need to Run and hide.
2.You Need to get a Good Immigration Lawyer as quick as possible  to Stop the Deportation.
You cant be deported if the paternity is still taking Place.
3.You Need to get Sorgerecht so that you can get Resident Permit 25.5
I have done d vatershaft and sorgerecht for my two kids including birth certificate with my name as d father.I was even ask by the court for DNA which I did.The paternity has already been proven and that's the reason I was transfer to live with my family.
Which city and do you have a Lawyer?
I have a lawyer who have bled me dry that I have really become tired of remaining here in Germany.My city is Reutlingen.
Deportation when you Holding Sorgerecht is difficult.
My Cousin was in same Position but we took Lawyer in Oldenburg her name is Julia Monecke
You Need to fight real quick

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