Hi, I won my case in court, thanks for the help.
My question is what happens now, can Bamf or the foreign office still refuse the court order?
Will I get my papers?
What to do next?
asked Feb 17, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by Milesandy | 592 views

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2 Answers

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Hello Milesandy@ thanks for your question on this platform and congratulations on your victory.

Base on your question,
The court will give Bamf or the foreign office some period of weeks to appeal but if they don't appeal to the decision of the court , then you will be granted stay but I know Bamf or foreign office does not easily appeal to court decisions on granting asylum seekers stay . Congratulations once again and I hope I have answered your question.
answered Feb 17, 2021 by Denny28
Dear @Milesandy, Congratulations also from my side! These are very good news! I agree with @Denny28, it will take a couple of weeks now until the decision indisputable and final. But as Denny also said, you should't worry about it. The BAMF will tell the immigration office to issue a residence permit accordingly. All the best, Meike
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Unfortunately, my father has the same condition .. And 6 months have passed and the BAMF has not sent any new decisions ... I have other friends, some of whom spent longer periods of time, so they sued the BAMF.
answered Feb 19, 2021 by Meltomm
What reason did BAMF give for the delay /noncompliance?
We have not received any new decision from the BAMF .. or a message .. I think I should communicate with them?
Hi, please can you say how long you wait to received an invitation to the court? And in What city was your appeal process?, thank you.
Dear @Meltomm, Sorry to hear this - six months is really a long time. Were there a lawyer involved in the appeal? If yes, I would definetely contact him/her about this. Maybe the BAMF sent the decision to the immigration office already? I hope this can be solved soon. All the best, Meike
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