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asked Apr 9 in Other Questions by Malik-Nasir

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It is possible to get a residence permit due to illness (¬ß 25.5. AufenthG). However, this is very difficult and you need good medical reports. Perhaps there are other ways for you to stay in Germany. This may include a Besch√§ftigungsduldung  or a Ausbildungsduldung. Do you have a Duldung or a residence permit?

answered Apr 12 by Juana Steberl
Thanks for your reply. For last three months, almost 9 weeks I was in hospital for different intervals and my treatment will continue till mid of july. I was serious sick and have high output stoma and tuberklouses.

At the moment I have six month hausweis and my case is pending for hearing in court for more than three years. I don't know how long it will take more time.

So guide me what I do now, I have all my hospital reports with me.
Dear Mr. Malik. Thank you for your response. I wish you to get well soon. They say you have a 6 month pass. Is this a Duldung, a Aufenthaltsgestattung or a Fiktionsbescheinigung? Do you have a lawyer? You say that you have an ongoing trial in court, so if you have a lawyer they need to know about your health situation. Then the court might give you a "Abschiebeverbot". Then you would get a residence permit according to 25.3 AufenthG. You will only receive these if medical treatment is not possible in your home country. Where are you from?
Hi, thanks and I also hope and pray for getting well. I have six months Aufenthaltsgestattung and also have a lawyer, but is it possible that my lawyer contact to the court and asked  for giving me residence permit according to paragraph 25.5 or 25.3 as you described, or wait until court send a date for hearing which may take long time.
We have the same problem, and I went to hearing and I got negative again , and i still holding my Aufenthalsgestattum .
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