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I am a US citizen working in Indonesia on a KITAP (permanent residency). I want to marry a refugee from Afghanistan who has been stuck in Indonesia for 7 years. He has no passport. He has been waiting to be relocated to one of the five major English speaking countries (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada). He only has an basic ID card from his home country and an ID proving he is a refugee from the Indonesian UNHCR. Indonesia is not a signor of to the UN convention of refugees, so they do literally nothing to assist in any manner--basically leave refugees to the dogs on the street. I need to know how we move forward to get married. If we try and get married in Indonesia, can we do so without him having a passport? If I try to get a fiance visa to the US, is this possible without him having a passport? I just cannot seem to find answers that address the fact he has NO passport. All the procedures/options online reference a passport.
asked Mar 17 in Legal advice by masha2020

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Hello @Masha2020, thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees community. As a Germany besed community for refugees residing in Germany, we are not able to give advice on US or Indonesian regulations. As far as we know, the Afghan embassies do support their citizens by providing them with passports. As your fiance has a tazkera, the probabilitiy that he will be issued one is fairly high. He should adress to the Afghan embassy in Jakarta. For more information please see: Best regards mbeon-Christine
answered Mar 18 by mbeon-Christine
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