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I am assylum seeker in germany.  Me and my girlfriend travel to poland because she is poland Citizen. She called the office before we drive to poland i submited my passport. Birth certificate and bachelor certificate which i translate to polnische.  They rejected the bachelor certificate from Nigeria and told me most Nigeria provide the certificate from the court in poland.  We went to see her lawyer he told us it take time but i should get Resident address in poland .it will take 2 month but if he go Warschau which is the capital city it take long time but i went to office of Resident they ask me for visa before i get it. I gave them my passport there is no visa they ask me to go and get visa. Or they will call police for me and my girlfriend will get Problem.  We are looking for solution how we can get it done so we can marry
asked Mar 6, 2020 in Other Questions by Gentle james

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make asylum in Poland first because at this moment you are illegal,  you need a Visa or make an asylum claim so you can have a temporary residence card of maybe 3months and also you will have a resident address then I think that will be enough.. but why didn't get married in Germany since you have asylum there?
answered Mar 7, 2020 by ERKHTS
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