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This is not something about racism or relevant to religion. Just open for Discussion,  as I believe same human rights for every single persons equally and that should not be distributed by another religion or community...etc.

First of all I am expats for Germany and I must obey the values of Germany and culture. Past 6 months this things have been discovered by me which I think not appropriate for other religious groups or Germans.

1. When ever I go to learn German I find only muslim names and muslim cultural pictures in the books, notes..etc as if only muslim people are seeking for asylum or immigrants.

2. Inside the DRK asylum reception centers there are religious observation rooms which mention for all religions. However once I go inside which has been only prepared for muslims with prayer mats, kurans...etc.

3. Inside food and beverage room why it is specifically mentioned HALAL food only and not serving pork or haram products while other religious group also living there.

4. I noticed in my living village even when I am going to Aldi Lidl some cashiers used to say arabic words such as Shukran, salam walekkum...etc instead of Guten Tag, tschüs...etc which i do not want to be addressed like that and I’m not arabic.

Final conclusion in my opinion. If I came to Germany for asylum

1. I came here for protection.

2. I don’t want to spread my religious believes and I can observe my religion inside my house.

3. My food habits I can do my self.

4. As Germany is giving protection to us temporarily or permanently we must obey their Culture, Rituals, Rules, Foods....etc.

Am I correct? Open for discussion. Not to disturb  anyone.
asked Mar 6 in Asylum proceedings by Kaiser

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