I have a another question regarding Ausbildung. I am doing Ausbildung als Altenpfleger and next year in June . i am still in asylum process with Aufenthaltsgestattung. I have exams and sometimes i think i will not succeed. Is there any chances to get residence permit  ? Can i get a resident permit after para 25a .

Do i have to pass the exam to fall in this law ?

Positive reply would be appreciated
asked Feb 21, 2020 in Education by Dreamchaser

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Hello Sandy,

thanks for sharing your highly relevant question with the Wefugees community.

let me give you a detailed description of the conditions you have to comply with in order to obtain a § 25 a-residence permit:

1. You have a "Dulding" (according to § 60a AufenthG - Residence act) at the date of application,

2. You are between 14 and 20 years old and apply for the new residence permit before your 21st birthday,

3. You've been in Germany for at least 4 years,

4. You are currently and have been for at least 4 years attending a general schooling, vocational training or university education, (in these cases you can receive social welfare - while attending),

5. or have already graduated from school or have a vocational qualification and in large part (more than 50 %) can make a living independently or will be likely to do so soon,

6. You have a passport or can prove that you applied for one or can prove you cannot receive any identity documents

7. You have not been sentenced for any crimes, (or at least not for serious ones above 50/90 daily rates),

8. you commit to the democratic constitution,

9. you are familiar with the legal and societal system and living conditions in Germany, either by having attended a so called "orientation" course (Orientierungskurs) and/or having passed the test "Leben in Deutschland".

In my experience, it is fairly impossible to meet the first condition (of currently holding a "Duldung"). For that reason I'd recommend you to sit the exams in June. Try to get some help: If you have problems with German, you could attend a German course in the evening. These courses are free. You just have to send an application form and your contract with your school to the Federal Office for Migration (BAMF). If you don't pass the exams now, ask your school to give you a second chance (and a new contract for another year) and a positive prediction.

I hope my answers were useful for you and I'll be very pleased if you contact me again with further questions, f.e. If you need the above mentioned application form. I'm a member of the MBEON-staff  and I‘ll be glad to guide over a longer period of time. Mbeon is an online consultancy for migrants via  the mbeon-app, which you can install on your smartphone for free. Download it via App Store or Google Play Store. You'll find me In the mbeon-app under my name „München, Frau Müller“ and get confidential one-to-one advice in a safe virtual room, where nobody can wiretap messages. More informations: www.mbeon.de.

Best regards

answered Feb 21, 2020 by mbeon-Christine
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