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Today my friend deported to France as she is having Dublin decision. But this was happened like this.

She went to collect money from Rathaus.
Se time she was arrested and deported to France.

Is ot legal to deport without informing???
As I heard deportation happening only at Night time. Is it true??
asked Feb 11 in Asylum proceedings by Kaiser
@Kaiser before they will deport you, first they will inform you to return to the country responsible for your asyl case and if you don't return willingly you will be remove unaware. I know of some people been deported at their work place, school and others . One of my guy was remove from his German girlfriend house, they don't have baby and they are not married . So it's not only in camp or at night they can remove you . I know of a guy that was deported to Nigeria from ausländerbehörde (immigration office ) they sent him letter to come take his duldung , on getting there, polizei take him away and right now he is in Nigeria . Those been rejected, need to be careful.....but definitely, they will surely inform you about it, if your asylum is finished , you suppose know that they might come anytime to deport you if they have your country identity and before your asylum finished , they wI'll surely inform you that you have been rejected and you should return voluntary to your home country but if you don't, you will be taken unware... Note , if they want to come remove you , that they will not tell you

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Deportation requires that the authorities send the person concerned a written decision beforehand. This is done either by the responsible immigration office or - if an asylum application had previously been made - by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. As a rule, the authority decides at the same time in the decision that the person may not return for a certain time after the deportation and may no longer be in Germany (so-called entry and residence ban). The person concerned has the option of having the authority's decision reviewed by the court within a period of time, which may vary from one week to one month, depending on the case. If the person misses the deadline or is unsuccessful in court, there is a risk of deportation from this point on.
answered Feb 11 by Ria
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