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Please can you help me with the names of some of the apartment agencies who deals with jobcenter? I have heard that some request for your details and later calls you if there's vacancy and they assist with refugees especially single mothers. I have been stranded with apartment issues for months now but there's still no improvement. Please l will be most grateful to anybody's help.
asked Feb 11, 2020 in Home & Living by Lydia

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2 Answers

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Hello Lydia@,
Thanks for your question and can you please let us know where you are living first. Thanks
answered Feb 11, 2020 by Denny28
Illingen würrt please. And will like to move to Köln
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Hello lydia@ , you can go to the Rathaus in Köln where you want to live and request for Wohnberechtigungsschein and from you will be giving a list of social apartments that are near to rent in a cheapest prices because according to my research,  I find out that Köln is big,  so I can't send you a link for social apartments but you can first visit the actual place in Köln you wish to stay to obtain the Wohnberechtigungsschein and you will giving additional list of cheap social apartments.  Thanks
answered Feb 11, 2020 by Denny28
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