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Hello, I have submitted today my Reiseausweis and residence permit card to Ausländerbehörde for renewal. I filled the forms but they didn’t give back the documents. Will it be renewed for another 3 years? Since they took all documents, I don’t have any ID and I’m wondering if this is not a problem when going around in Berlin or Brandenburg.

Also I have a doubt concerning the form. In the form, they asked the purpose of stay in Germany. The reason for my stay is because I changed to Christianity from being Muslim. In Iran if we are born as a Muslim, we are not allowed to change to Christianity and can risk death. Would this be counted as “Völkerrechtliche, humanitäre und politische Gründe”? Because I marked it but I was unsure if it would be considered as this or as other reasons.

Hope you can clear my doubts.

Thank you in advance.
asked Feb 6 in Legal advice by Behnam
Dear @Behnam,

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees community!

According to your personal story, I assume that you are recognized as a refugee and had a blue refugee passport, is that correct?

Then, you would have chosen the right category in the form.
You may have a copy from your residence permit? If so, you probably will be fine in case someone asks for your ID and you explain the situation.
You may also have any kind of ID from Iran? Your BAMF-Bescheid could also be helpful in the meantime and prove your legal stay here.

All the best,


Thank you very much @Meike for your reply. Yes I had a blue refugee passport for 3 years and now waiting for renewal. I have a copy of my resident permit. However I don’t have my ID from Iran because I had to give it to BAMF during my first interview. But I would like to ask about how is the procedure of the renewal. Do I automatically get a renewed blue refugee passport after giving the forms or is it difficult to get a renewal ?

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Dear @Behnam,

Thank you for your explanation.

The refugee passport is normally only valid as long as you have a valid residence permit. If this expires, you need to apply for a new passport accordingly, as there is no opportunity to extend it. I would recommend to apply for the new passport at least 2 or 3 months before expiry. For details on the application (in this case for Berlin, but I assume it will be similar in other cities), please see this website.

I hope this helps and all the best,


answered Feb 21 by Meike
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