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Hello. We need legal advice. We are a married gay couple of russian origin. We've been granted political asylum in Spain in 2019.
My husband has a son in United States. He has requested political asylum in the there and is awaiting an interview.
The question is we want to do a family reunification and relocation of our refugee status from Spain to United States. We already know that we have to request it while in Spain through UNHCR office, asking for relocation on a basis of family reunification.
But this process is very long and not guaranteed. Can we just go to United States using our conventional traveler's passport and start the processes of transfer our refugee status and family reunification on the spot? Do we need a US visa to cross the border?
Please consult us. Thank you in advance!
asked Feb 2, 2020 in Legal advice by Crisalida

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Dear @Crisalida,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for sharing your question.

I assume, the reason that you haven't received an answer so far is due to the fact, that our platform and our experts are based in Germany and we are not really familiar with the US immigration rules and regulations.

Therefore, I would recommend you to get in contact with refugee/legal counselling organisations in the USA, for example this one.

However, if you and your partner are recognized refugees in Spain, you are most probably not allowed to "use" the Russian passport anymore. Instead, you can travel with your refugee passport now. Within the EU, you can travel without any visa. But I am pretty sure, that the USA require a visa application, as it is the same for European citizens. 

All the best,


answered Mar 6, 2020 by Meike
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