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I have Duldung. Can I go to VHS for language course. I got Duldung because of my Dublin decision.
1st VHS asked me to register with Agent fur Arbeit. They gave me letter to give VHS. Then VHS said it will take 10 weeks to approve. Will it  be approve or rejected???

Also Agent fur arbeite ask me to come with appointment and my certificates and curriculum vitae. Should I go? Is there any combination with deportation?
asked Jan 7 in Asylum proceedings by Dcooper

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Hello, dear Dcooper,

if you are registered by the Agentur für Arbeit it is your obligation to be present on the terms you receive from them. That has nothing to do with the deportation. They want to see your which profession you have and what did you work in your land you come from or in Germany. It is an option, that they will offer you vacancies and you will be asked to write applications in order to work.

The language course you (maybe) get promoted is a vocational language course. That can nobody answer if it be rejected or approved. It is a decision of BAMF.

I hope that the answer can be helpful to you.

Best wishes

Béla Zsigó

answered Jan 9 by mbe-on_Zsigó
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