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Hello team,
Can I Change my Visa officer or caseworker the one who extend our residence permit? If yes how? Because I feel she is being very rude with me and she is keeps saying different at different times. Thank you
asked Jan 7 in Legal advice by Jeddy

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Hello again @jeddy, normally you cannot change your officer, because their cases are arranged in alphabetical order. But you could make an appointment with her superior (mostly called "Gruppenleiter" or "Abteilungsleiter") to describe your problems and ask for a solution. Furthermore, you could contact a so called "Gleichstellungs- und Antidiskriminierungsstelle" in your town. They spot such incidents and might give advice how to cope with the situation or even intervene in the conflict. Please feel free to write again if you have any questions. Best wishes mbeon-Christine
answered Jan 9 by mbeon-Christine
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