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Hello! I'm a Colombian Masters student in Germany. In Colombia I worked for around 5 years and this semester I am doing an internship. The company proposed me a 80% contract job from january on in order for me to finish my Master's (one year left and only a few courses to complete) ans still get this position. I would like to know, is it possible to change my residence permit as student for a working one and continue being enrolled in my Masters? Thank you all!
asked Dec 13, 2019 in Work by mariapgomezs

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I would ask in the university if they allow you to continue your master studies as a working person (with a residence permit for work). There are special rules for people who make their studies parallel to normal work (job-accompanying studies). Some german colleges offer special study courses for this. If your study course doesn' allow such an option and the university knows about your work and let you study, they can have problems. Normally a student cant't work more than 20 hours a week. With a residence permit as a student it is not possible to work 80%, it is against the law.
answered Dec 14, 2019 by Alla_fka
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