My Friend Applied for the Residence and he was told to bring Results from the „erkennungsdienstliche Behandlung“ from the Police
Can someone explain to me what is that?
asked Dec 9, 2019 in Legal advice by Pan 123 | 620 views

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Hi @Pan123,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community!

The "Erkennungsdienstliche Behandlung" is a measure by the police or the immigration office to collect data like name, birthday, homecountry, fingerprints etc. It is in general used to identify a person. 

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All the best


answered Dec 9, 2019 by InfoVerbund
Thankyou for the answer.Is everyone applying for Residence has to get the results from Police?
Dear Pan 123,

I can´t tell you for sure. Can you give me a little bit more information about your friend. What is his status at the moment? When and why did the police make the erkennungsdienstliche Behandlung? And what kind of residence is he applying for?
My friend is having a Duldung as he was sorting out issue with vaterschaft and sorgerecht of the child living in Germany.
His identity is known and he is holding A passport that why we wondered why he has to go to the police.
He Applied for family reunion visa and handed over the required documents including Passport to the Auslander behorde but he was requested to bring the results from the Police to complete the process.
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