i am in Germany as asylum seeker,my asylum application has been rejected in Germany,My Fiance is a Austrian National and working in Austria as a Eye specialist,we want to marry in Austria what possibilities i have? how i can start and register my marriage there,please suggest me thanks
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asked Nov 27, 2019 in Legal advice by Shah05

Dear @Shah05

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees Community! 

I assume you are a Duldung holder in Germany right now? 

I am not familiar with the Austrian legal system, but if you leave Germany, you would not be allowed to enter the country again. It might be easier to marry in Germany, as your partner can easily travel there. 

If you can provide all required documents, it should not be an issue. Please check our blog on this topic (https://wefugees.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/heiraten-in-deutschland-how-to-marry/). It describes those documents and the procedure in more detail. 

I hope this helps and maybe another member of the community or one of our experts can also add to that. 

All the best, 


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