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Two months ago, I got admitted to a university in Berlin for master's studies and got registered, but my actual address, heim and all other stuff are still in Sachsen. Right after the university registration, I applied at the Sozialamt (not sure it is called that way, it is an office in a Landkreis and called something like Auslander/Migration) to be transfered to Berlin, filled a form but since then I had not response from that office. No letter are received, officers in that office have no updates. Also, while submitting the form, they had very little idea how to submit such a request and follow it afterwards when I asked, so I'm acting on based on very little guidance. Btw, my asylum application was rejected a year ago, the appeal process still goes on and I didn't complete my 3 year period in Sachsen, have been in Germany for 18 months, being provided with a work permit+residency card renewed every 4 months, no health insurance for now.

Probable mistake I had done was not providing an address that I want to be transferred since I didn't have any opportunity to find a WG in Berlin, thus I left the address that I want to be transferred as just "Berlin" assuming that I later have contact and request for a heim in Berlin.

The other refugees I met advised me that once I applied from Sachsen, I should follow everything from Auslanderbehörde in Berlin but very few people know which section of AB I should go, what to ask and how to follow it up - plus, I have very little German language skills. What is the proper, productive way of following up an application done to be transferred to another Lander?

Apologizing for the lengthly post, thought it might be better to spill all the details in advance.

asked Nov 21, 2019 in Legal advice by kirikcezve

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Dear @kirikcezve,

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees Community again!

I assume that you were submitting a so-called "Umverteilungsantrag" to the Ausländerbehörde (local immigration office) in the place you were registered.

And that is actually also the way you need to proceed if you want to move to another city/federal state during your asylum procedure and even in the first three years after the recognition as a refugee (in case you receive social benefits i.e. from the jobcenter).

It is normal, that the process of a "Umverteilung" takes a while. However, as the civil servants were also unsecure about the regulations and you probably did not provide many details to them, I would definitely recommend you to get support. Additionally you already moved (without permission) to Berlin, and authorities might not know where you are.

In Berlin, there are various migration counselling offices. Staff speak English, so no need to worry about that. I am sure they can support you in contacting the Ausländerbehörde in Sachsen and also can support in providing the Ausländerbehörde in Berlin (which also needs to approve the process) good reasons and arguments for your decisions. Please check this link for offices (though there are many more!)

I hope this helps and do not hesitate to get back to us with further questions!

All the best,


answered Nov 22, 2019 by Meike
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