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almost my asylum file closed on 01.07.2019. Any way to avoid deportation and get a residence permit? I can't go back to the home country. Is it possible to apply for work or study visa after all the appeals are exhausted and the file is closed? I have been living Austria since 05.08.2015, I heard, in order to get the resident permit I need an uninterrupted resident title is not it? how to get legal resident here? what about Dudulng card?

asked Nov 8, 2019 in Legal advice by seelan

Dear @seelan

Welcome to the Wefugees Communıty! Unfortunately, I am not famılıar wıth the Austrıan Asylum/resıdence law. Also our experts are workıng ın Germany and specıalızed ın legal questıons concernıng resıdence and asylum proceedıngs and regulatıons ın Germany. 

However, you may want to check the websıte of the Austrıan 'Asylkoordınatıon' ( There you can fınd adresses and contact detaıls of mıgratıon counsellıng offıces all over Austrıa. 

Also, ıf our experts may have some more ınformatıon, I am sure they wıll get back to you! 

All the best, Meıke

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