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I have been in same sex registered marriage with a german citizen for almost five years now. There might be a chance i will be divorcing him next year Also there is a prenup arrangement. I must say, he has been quite controlling, verbally agressive and abusive. He doesnt like i work, many times he has tried to make me stop working, but at the same time, whenever he is angry and pissed threatens to kick me out. Does he have the right to do so? Do i have any kind of protection against that here? Could i record these attacks as a proof of what i live through with this man?

 I am a teacher and have 3 jobs on the the average of 1200 euros per month. I want to keep my residence permit and keep living and working here. I have a residence permit issued till october 2025. Will that affect the time frame of my permit?

Which documents should i prepare to keep my permit? Do I have to present again a german test?  If we live apart from each other for one year as the law requires, will i still be paying a higher tax rate due to him earning much more money than me?  Are there centers where i can speak about this abuse and get legal advice and couseling?

Many thanks in advance for the legal advice.

asked Nov 5, 2019 in Legal advice by Samuel

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You can easily  divorced  him in any  time  after  5 years
answered Nov 7, 2019 by Kwame
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