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I am asking this because my husband has submitted the requirements for a Blue Card, and yet the Auslanderbehörde seems to be dismissive. We were told off that we can't get a Blue Card because we are asylum seekers. We are still waiting for a court date for our appeal. Please help us because it's urgent.

Can someone please explain if they are right or wrong?
asked Sep 16, 2019 in Work by someoneingermany
edited Sep 17, 2019 by someoneingermany

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Also interested in this question. Maybe there is someone here who knows about it
answered Sep 16, 2019 by Ulrich I Bumgarner
Before we tried to submit a Blue Card, we were told that my husband is eligible and can get a Blue Card. He has the requirements and has submitted them. Problem is that the Foreign Office is just driving us nuts.
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What do you mean the Foreign Office is just driving you nuts? do you mean it's possible but they don't cooperate? 
As far as i now while your asylum case still proceeding you can't make request for any other types of residenship or visa, and in addition only people who come here with visa (most probably working visa)  have right to apply for Blue Card if they meet the requirements. 


answered Sep 22, 2019 by Nader
We've asked a few people (lawyers, people from NGOs) about it and they said yes, we can get a Blue Card. (Unless they're lying!) That part about asylum seekers not able to have a change of residence status is a matter of legal interpretation, as we were told.
@someoneingermany What's the Foriegner Office's answer? could you please ask the lawyer to show the pargraph in German law which deserves asylumes for Blue Card? You can read this booklet for more info, i couldn't find anything: and here is one of my post about it:
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