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It's been two weeks since the application for the Blue Card. The Ausländerbehörde has no feedback. Now we are planning to visit the Ausländerbehörde tomorrow without an appointment. Can he get a temporary work permit? We don't want to lose the opportunity as his work starts on the first week of August.
asked Jul 25, 2019 in Work by someoneingermany

Dear @someoneingermany

Welcome to the Wefugee Community and thanks for sharing your situation! 

Unfortunately, I can not contribute with any experience regarding the issuing process of blue cards. But I think it was the best decision to contact the Ausländerbehörde to ask about your options. What did they say? I hope your husband is able to start his work on time? It would be very interesting for us, if you could share your findings and experience. 

Thank you very much all the best for you and your husband! 


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