Hello everyone,

Me and my fiancé are looking into getting married in either Germany or Belgium. We are both America citizens. I was born in Germany but because a American citizen many years back. Is it possible to get married in either of the two countries? Is there any documents I need or any paperwork that needs to be filled out? Since I don’t live in either of the two countries is that a problem? I have a lot of family in Germany and I’d love to have it over there. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
asked Sep 5, 2019 in Legal advice by Bigreco | 573 views

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Dear @Bigreco,

Thank you for your question to the Wefugee Community!

I am not familiar with marriages in Belgium, though you may want to check this page of the Belgian government. 

For US-citizens who want to marry in Germany, the US embassy is also giving some information on their website. In general, it is not a requirement to live in Germany in order to marry here. I recommend you to contact a "Standesamt" (registry office) in a city of your choice to discuss the details and required documents (which may also vary).

I hope this helps and all the best,


answered Sep 6, 2019 by Meike
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