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Hi my name is me again joy. So I gave birth to my son last year September. And his father has been here in germany over 10 years now he has a permanent residence permit. But he don't want to do vatershaft for his son even after i report him to jungedamt and they take him to court and we do DNA TEST and the test was 99.99999 percent. And I'm a duldund holder. So I want to ask if anyone knows what i can do next? Because it seems they want to deport me but I don't know about my son if they will deport him with me also?
asked Aug 5 in Legal advice by Zion

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Dear @Zion

Thank you for sharing your situation with the Wefugee Community! 

As I remember from your last question, you mentioned a granted residence permit? Referring to which reason/law is it supposed to be issued? Might be interesting to elaborate on that. 

If the father is not taking the responsibility for the child, i.e. not paying for it, the Jugendamt (Beistandschaft) will help you to push your rights. 

If you are seriously in danger of being deported is depending on many factors. You might want to discuss your individual situation with a legal adviser in a counselling centre? We are happy to support in finding one in your area. However, the authorities will not deport you without your child or separate you in that sense. 

Please get back to us with any further question. 

All the best, 


answered Aug 12 by Meike
I'm still with duldund. I don't know why I was given duldund because my lawyer sent me a letter in March saying that I have been granted resident permit uner paragraph 25. But now my baby father has finally done the vatershaft. But jungedamt said isn't needed because the court has already declared him as the father. So my fear is because I have already given the standesamt my expired passport. They said i need to bring valid passport. But I'm scared if they will deport me with the passport information. Please my question is can I apply for my baby resident permit with his registration birth certificate? And how do I get him his father 3 years permit?
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