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I'm 100% kenyan and my boyfriend  is a Bavarian..a german baby is 3months old and with a Germany birth certificate. Does this make my baby a german citizen  or is there another way  of german citizenship?
asked Nov 21 in Legal advice by Salome Mkota

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2 Answers

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If  your boyfriend is a German and he's the father for your baby automatically your baby is also a German and will have a german passport,but that if your boyfriend stand or agree to be the father of your baby.Good luck
answered Nov 21 by Elvis
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Dear Salome Mkota, 

Welcome back to the Wefugees community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

I agree with @Elvis: A German birth certificate does not present necessarily a German citizenship. The father needs to acknowledge the paternity. Is he mentioned in the birth certificate? If not, the child can not have the German citizenship yet. Maybe you can have a closer look at the document and get back to us with more details.

 I hope this helps and all the best, 


answered Nov 22 by Meike
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