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Hi my name is joy. So my lawyer sent me a letter saying i was granted an Aufenthaltserlaubnis since 30th of April. But I just read the letter 4 months later. So I go to ausländerbehörde today to show them and my 6 months permit will be expired next week. So the lady at the ausländerbehörde takes the old document and give me DULDUND WITH A RED SIGN ON IT. And people told me that the duldund is for deportation.
asked Aug 5 in Asylum proceedings by Zion

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@zion, where you having duldung during the time ur lawyer put in for residence permit for you? And was it through a kid you put in for residence permit or through Asylum process? And didn't the lady in Ausländerbehörde asked you why the delay before giving you Duldung with red??
answered Aug 6 by Obumkelly79
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