I have 45 days visit visa for Greece. Due to some personal problem i want to leave country. I want to claim asylum in Switzerland or in Germany on LGBT ground along with my boy friend. We are from same country but i have 45 day Greece visit visa. is it possible? Please answer me
asked Jul 21, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Aehel taj | 639 views

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Hey Taj, 

Thanks for the question, 

As you have a visa from Greece it will be a bit difficult to apply for asylum in Germany or Switzerland as you will be under the Dublin Regulation (The Dublin Regulation defines which State has the obligation to evaluate the asylum claims presented by people who arrive in Europe)

Which basically means if you apply for asylum in Germany, Germany will check your fingerprints or Visa and they'll see that you have a visa from Greece and they will deport you back to Greece as the country you enter first or that gave you a visa is responsible for your asylum.

You can read about the Dublin Regulation online or search Dublin Regulation on this platform so that your more informed. Other than that you can definitely seek asylum as long as you have founded reasons of prosecution if your sent back to your country. 

PS. I am not a lawyer and maybe I can’t explain things well but I’ve been in the asylum system and I’ve learnt a lot about Dublin and Asylum. 

If you want things to be more clear please let me know. Hope it works out with your boyfriend. Good luck  

answered Jul 23, 2019 by Hazel
Thank you @Hazel for your well written answer! I would agree with your explanations. @Aehel taj is your boyfriend also staying in Greece? All the best for you both, Meike
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