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I am here in Germany since March 2012.
In march 2019 my asylum case is rejected.
I am working from last 50 months.
I am also studing in Masters biomedical engineering next semester, i will do thesis and then i will get my master degree in biomedical engineering.
I did 3 months internship in a company.
And now i am not allowed to work.
I applied for bescheingungduldung but my case was rejected because i have to complete one year in duldung then i can have duldung but i got duldung in march 2019.
regierungsprasidium karlsruhe said, i can apply for bescheingungduldung on march 2020.
I will complete 8 years till march 2020.
Because i am here in Germany since March 2012.
What is your suggestion,
Should I have to apply for
(1) bescheingungduldung
(2) 25b offenthal
Thank you in advance.
asked Jul 11 in Legal advice by Mirza usman

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Dear BAIG,

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugee Community!

It is not clear to me, what you exactly mean with "Bescheinigungsduldung". 

However, in this thread you will find more details on the residence permit according to the Residence Law §25b ("sustainable integration"):

As your case is very complex and the residence permit is depending on many different factors, I would recommend you to seek for individual legal advice. In Karlsruhe, the AWO could be a first contact in this regard (

I hope this helps and please get back to us if you have some further questions. 

All the best,


answered Jul 16 by Meike
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