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Hello first of all thanks to this community, now here is my question. I'd like making a ausbildung the thing is that I am supposed to get a deportation-ban which I have getting yet, because I still haven't gotten the documments that I need to full. Now that I'm about of getting this deportation-ban I've been thinking what is the best thing in this case: Ausbildung, or a job? I know that if I work and my taxes I can get the permanet residence which is what I want because I'm too afraid of going back to my country, and because I want to make my life here. So I REALLY NEED THIS QUESTION TO BE RESPONDED IN THE BEST WAY. What will happen after I finish the ausdildung do I  get a better residence permit or I stay the same ?. Should I just work?
asked Jul 10, 2019 in Education by Kevinhvapetare

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Your question is very important and urgent, so that I suggest to you to contact soon a legal advisor center in your country.

In general you can get a permission of residence with an Ausbildungsplatz and after that you can search for a job and get easly 2 years residence permission. Now, regarding your case in particular it depends on your legal situation. Please contact us, as you live in Berlin (LernLaden Neukölln

or contact an advisor center for "Bildungsberatung" in your city of residence.

Good Luck.

answered Jul 12, 2019 by BildungsberaterIn
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