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heard they will be a law for Asylum who is working for 18 month's to be granted a resident permit.  Also I got rejection since 2017 February and same month my 2 children and my partner was granted 3 years permit with Blau passport.  I never heard from the court about my appeal since 2017 and I filled for application of resident with my children right but the Landrasamt said my Asylum is still going onn. What should I do? No court letter since 27 month's now after first rejection
asked Jun 5, 2019 in Legal advice by Gago
Dear Gago,

to understand your situation better, it might help if you could provide some more information i.e. have you been together with your partner already before you came to Germany? Did you arrive after your partner and children? Do you consider to marry? Did you maybe already talk to a lawyer?...
I hope we can support you with some useful information as soon as the case gets a bit clearer.

Thanks and all the best,


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Thanks for your reply,  me and my partner came to Germany 2013 December. We had our kids 2014 September and 2016 April. I got rejection 2017 February and my kids and my partner got 3 years Aufenthalt with Blue passport.  I filed for Appeal 2017 Ferbaury and till now I never get any news from the court, they never ask me for any passports,  no letter, nothing from the court. I have work before between 2015 till 2017 and I start working again from 2018 till now. I have given them my passport as I applied for a resident permit through the right of my kids.  Getting married in Germany cost so much and lot of delays.  I have my fatherschaft and suggorechts all in tacts,  . Did the court forget me?.  I applied for a resident Landrasamt said my Appeal is still running that my asylun is running.  I don't understand.  Does any law also guarantee me to have a resident permit as I'm going into my 7years stay in Germany.
answered Jun 15, 2019 by Gago
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