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Pls i have a child with a German woman since January and I went through a tough time to get my duldung for 3 months and it expire I have renew it for another 3 month till August but the woman in charge of my case claiming I should go to Ghana take a Visa and come back before she can give me the aufenthart pls am confused and I need your advise bcos my lawyer also said I should go they will give me the Visa in Ghana since I have all necessary document but still am not comfortable going .
asked May 26, 2019 in Legal advice by Abudl razak mendy
What city are you? Do you live together with the mother of the kid?@abudl

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I'm going through the same situation, i actually renewed my Duldung and got a 6 months.
Check the humanitarian law 25abs section 5 from Aufenth. About being here in Germany with Duldung for 18 months and for good cause can get you a residence permit,
Also you need to know smth about getting visa
Need your partner won't be getting help SGB2 from job center, she should have some revenue. If you got granted the 6 months Duldung you have a right to search for a job under some circumstances ( priority orders for a job offering following : German then Europeans then other nationalities), must your employer to fill the Beschreibung Formular for the Arbeitsagentur and they will decide whether they give you a job or not! This is after getting  yes from the company, it is sucks but need to get through! Keep in mind getting a visa would take some time if you are ok with it, i advice you to go for it ! Or apply the 25abs section 5. Best luck ! And Get a good lawyer !
answered May 27, 2019 by latrache
edited May 27, 2019 by latrache
@latrache, Nice one.. and i Believe once he get a job and start working for aleast 6months or so he will be given the residents permit even if hes wife is under job center.. with the help of a good Lawyer... so, latrache, have you gotten a job now??
@obumkelly79, i've got a contract signed up for part time job and waiting for the Arbeitsagentur to decide wether they give a job or not. But still hectic !
@latrache, patient is the Key.. sometimes it takes 4 weeks for them to decide.
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Yea I stay with her and the city is gottingenkreis
answered May 26, 2019 by Abudl razak mendy
Okay.. was your working contract a life contract or just normal 6months? And please take a good Lawyer too..
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Am not working she just gave me a 3 month duldung and I cant get a work with that she said I shld go to my country and come back with a Visa to collect the aufenthart
answered May 26, 2019 by Abudl razak mendy
@Abudl razak mendy how is your case going now?  Did you go back to your home country or you are fighting it in court ? What decision do you have now ?
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