• I am very tensed now. Feeling uncertainty. 
  • I have been living in Germany for 5 years with duldung. I have a job. I don't take any allowances from the government. I give regular taxes. 
  • I don't have passport or any documents of my home country. 
  • I am not sick that can favor me to stay in Germany. I don't have any illness certificate. 
  • Today I went to the office to extend the duration of my duldung status. I got three months extended. But the office had given me some documents. 
  • What should I do now? Please help me I don't want to leave Germany. 



Important Information on Establishing and Documenting Identity

On request, you must provide information to the border authorities, the police, and the Department of Aliens' Affairs (Auslånderbehörde) about your age, your identity, and your nationality and submit such declarations as are required by the diplomatic mission of your home country and in line with German law in connection with obtaining return travel documents (Section 49, sub-section 2 of the Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz — AufenthGJ of 30 July 2004 [Federal Law Gazette (BGBI.) l. p. 19501 in the version in force).

In addition, you may be fingerprinted and, under some circumstances, photographed. Measurements and similar measures may be taken. Also physical measures may be taken by a physician in line With the medical standarts in order to establish your age, as long as there is no harm to your health to be expected, In particular, procedures of this kind are necessary if you cannot produce a valid passport or passport substitute establishing your identity. You are required to comply with these measures (Section 49, sub-section 10 AufenthG).

In order to identify your country or region of origin, recordings of you speaking may be made on audio or data media. As a precaution, I hereby advise you that you are committing a criminal offence if you fail to provide information about your age, identity, and nationality or if the information you provide is false or incomplete (Section 95, sub-section 1, no. 5 AufenthG) or if you fail to comply with the necessary fingerprinting, photographs, etc. in contravention of the law (Section 95, sub-section I, no. 6 AufenthG).

Alongside with that I remind you, that you may be expelled if you do not comply with your obligation to cooperate (Section 55, sub-section 2, no. lb AufenthG)


In the event that the decision or the Bundesamt für Migration und Hüchtlinge (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) transmitted/handed over includes a threat of deportation or deportation order, observance of the following remarks is requested:

Important information according to the Aufenthaltsgesetz (AufenthG — German Residence Act)

Instruction in accordance with S 60 a (2d) AufenthG

If you suffer from an illness that could impede deportation, you must substantiate this with a medical certificate. You are obliged to submit this medical certificate immediately to the Foreigners' Registration Office responsible for you. The date of the medical certificate is decisive for the observance of the criterion "immediately." If medical certificates have been issued that could impede the deportation of your underage child, you must likewise submit these.

If you fail to submit this certificate or do so belatedly, the finding made in this medical certificate can no longer be taken into account in the deportation. Your submission to the effect that you or one of your underage children is {II will not be heard in the deportation. This also applies even if you submit the certificate immediately, but it fails to meet the legal requirements.

If the Foreigners' Registration Office responsible for you doubts the certified illness, it can order a medical or medical officer examination. If you do not obey this order without adequate grounds, the responsible authority is entitled not to take the illness submitted into account in the deportation.

Instruction in accordance with 5 50 (4) AufenthG

On account of your obligation to leave the country, you are obliged in accordance with 50 (4) AufenthG to notify any change of accommodation and any departure from the district of the Foreigners' Registration Office for more than three days in advance to the Foreigners' Registration Office responsible for you. If you breach this obligation, you must expect that you will be taken into custody prior to deportation (S 62 [31 no, 2 AufenthG).

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2 Answers

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@Nav, what city are you? Where you ever been to court b4? And if yes, how long did it take court to reply you? Do you also have a lawyer and what kind of contract do you have at work?..
answered May 14, 2019 by Obumkelly79
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City → Dusseldorf
Court → Yes, I faced the court 5 years ago and got rejected, and received duldung and then I didn’t appeal. My lawyer told me not to appeal and wait for 8 years. 
Lawyer: Yes, I have a lawyer. I haven’t yet informed him about this. I just got the notice today. I'll inform him tomorrow. 
Work Permit: I have the permanent work contact. 

answered May 14, 2019 by Nay
@Nay have you gone to see your lawyer? Or do you want another lawyer? Did the Ausländerbehörde stopped your work already? Do you also have a set deadline for you to fill the form that was giving to you?

@obumkelly79 I have not been given any form to fill up. I have been given the documents (written above) and told to go to my embassy and collect my passport. What chances do I have? or If you have knowledge concerning my problem, please advise me.

@Nay where you giving a paper with your personal information. And with Belehrung' for you to read and sign then return one copy and take one copy along. Have U also gone to see ur lawyer? How have you gone?? Let me know if you need a lawyer too..
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